Children & Babies

We know that kids aren’t always thrilled to visit the dentist. We go out of our way to make each visit fun, comfortable and low-stress for your child.

We love kids at Chatterton Way Dental! We recommend you bring your baby in when their first teeth start coming in (around six to 12 months old) so they can start getting used to seeing the dentist and you can learn about keeping their teeth healthy. The right age for a first cleaning and checkup is usually around two to three years old.

Ideally children should have regular hygiene visits and checkups. We usually do fluoride varnish for kids to protect their teeth from decay. This treatment doesn’t involve large trays and kids can eat right away after their appointment. If your child requires fillings, extractions, pulp therapies (like a root canal on baby teeth), or crowns—anything that doesn’t require general sedation—we can provide those services. Sometimes we will refer to a paedodontist /pediatric dentist for complex cases.

If you’re concerned about whether your child needs orthodontics, we can help assess their current bite and either treat them in our office or refer you to an orthodontist.

What our patients have said...

Jennifer did an excellent job with my cleaning, super gentle and careful. Dr. Foulkes was very kind and took his time to do a thorough exam and explain some questions about my health. I am so happy to have found a new permanent dentist. Thank you!

Logan Aitken

I’ve been a patient for a few years (since I was a university student). Kindest dental team out there.


Fantastic dentist and great for U Vic students, walked without paying anything out of pocket.

Ben K.

Very friendly and professional dentist and staff.

Sarah-Anne Lake