Dental Implants

Enjoy the freedom and more natural feeling of dental implants. Enjoy mealtimes again with less maintenance.

Dental implants are used to replace missing permanent teeth and are as close to a real tooth as you can get. These small titanium screws are surgically inserted into the jaw to function as a root for a crown or bridge.

The prosthetic tooth or teeth attached to the implant(s) will match the colour of your other teeth and look entirely natural. They can also help support your lips and cheeks, giving you a more full and healthy face shape.

Most importantly, they can help restore the function of your mouth by giving you more area to chew on but they also help keep your mouth healthy by preventing your remaining natural teeth from moving into the space where a tooth is missing. Put the confidence back in your smile.

A couple things to know about implants:

The process takes time. Most commonly, we will send you to a periodontist to get your implants inserted. In the meantime we have a temporary partial denture fabricated for aesthetics. Then there is a waiting period of about four months for your jaw to heal and the implant to settle in. Then the prosthetic tooth can be attached.

This is a specialized process and can be costly, as many insurance companies do not cover dental implants (but may assist with the final prosthetic). We will provide a detailed treatment plan and cost estimate so you can make an informed decision.

What our patients have said...

Jennifer did an excellent job with my cleaning, super gentle and careful. Dr. Foulkes was very kind and took his time to do a thorough exam and explain some questions about my health. I am so happy to have found a new permanent dentist. Thank you!

Logan Aitken

I’ve been a patient for a few years (since I was a university student). Kindest dental team out there.


Fantastic dentist and great for U Vic students, walked without paying anything out of pocket.

Ben K.

Very friendly and professional dentist and staff.

Sarah-Anne Lake